Experience and competence are crucial for the sustainable quality of your swimming pools.

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We, the Vario Pool System GmbH (VPS) have been dedicated to the production and distribution of exclusive and individual swimming pools of the highest quali-ty for more than 30 years. In doing so, we can draw on our experience in the field of plastics processing, which goes back to the 1960s. The distribution takes place via local swimming pool specialist companies, which in their turn act as full-service providers and offer not only the swimming pool but also the water technology, air-conditioning, etc. including installation.


Vario Pool System

We, The Vario Pool System GmbH (VPS®), have been dedicated to the production and distribution of custom swimming pools of the highest quality for more than 30 years.


Constant inspections and assessments of new materials and possible installations ensure Vario Pool System its great innovative strength.


Our swimming pools are custom designed according to your wishes. Built-ins such as stairs, benches or loungers are molded directly into the pool basin.


It must be the combination of experience and the use of the highest quality materials that makes VPS® swimming pool unique.

Pioneers in swimming pool construction.

Production halls.

The VPS success story dates back to the 1960s. This wealth of experience in plastics processing is crucial for the VPS product line. Above all, VPS is characterized by strong innovation impulses, high expertise and the development of individual solutions. The latter is certainly the recipe for success. The VPS swimming pools are 3D designed, produced and safely transported to the destination.

Materials for the highest quality standards.

We achieve the high quality by only using the highest quality materials which were developed especially for that purpose. The PVC from VPS, for example, is a special formula that meets the high demands of swimming pools in all areas of application. The chosen PVC-VPS is resistant to any type of water, be it mineral-, saline-, ozone-treated – water with temperatures up to 60 degrees. Osmosis cannot occur with this material for physical reasons. The material PVC is used in the industrial sector for the storage of concentrated acids and alkalis. The PVC for VPS swimming pools is also guaranteed to be free from volatile plasticizers and cadmium and, in addition to the corresponding approvals for use in the swimming pool area, also has a food safety certificate, another plus for your health and well-being. The surface of the VPS swimming pools has excellent hygienic properties and a very pleasant feel.

For back stabilization we use special types of resins in combination with different fiberglass mats and flooring. For reasons of stability, lamination is carried out exclusively in the hand lay-up method. This achieves much higher strengths than the fiber spray laminate of the same strength. The VPS swimming pool is struc-turally cantilevered by a steel grid frame, which is also completely coated with fiberglass.

Also, for the thermal insulation of the swimming pools exclusively high quality rigid polyurethane foam is used. As standard, we use 90 mm thick rigid polyure-thane foam boards with a U-value <0.360 W / m² * K for insulation. Compare for yourself.

Our swimming pools are available in different colors. In addition to the classic swimming pool blue, we also offer the colors white, sand, silver gray and anthracite. Also, combinations of these colors are available per special request.

Color selection of the surfaces.




Silver gray

Swimming pool blue

Production of swimming pools.

High Quality

High quality with selected partnership.

VPS High Quality Partners have made a name for themselves in the past as absolute professionals in the market. The high-quality partners have years of experien-ce in swimming pool construction and can prove this with numerous, meaningful projects. We are pleased to have such high-quality partners in each region.

PoolPlenum – Manufacturers Network

We are an association of well-known German brand manufacturers in swimming pool technology.

The manufacturer network between the companies: Hugo Lahme GmbH, SPECK Pump Sales Company GmbH, WDT Werner Dosiertechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Fiber Plast GmbH, grando GmbH and VPS® pursues the following goals:

  • Creation of a platform for the exchange of experience in the field of swimming pool technology
  • Know-how transfer, technical support and assistance with your planning
  • Optimization and reduction of interfaces between the individual trades
  • Joint Training & Information Events
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