Pre-fabricated pool as a solution

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Prefabrication in the factory absolutely reduces sources of error and the finished product enables faster pool assembly on the construction site. Necessary and additionally required installation components, such as roller shutter shafts, inlet nozzles, floor drains, underwater spotlights or countercurrent systems, are also integrated at the factory. This means that the customer’s construction time for the prefabricated pool is very short. It is not uncommon for a crane to be required to move a swimming pool into an existing building. The trend for prefabricated pool designs has increased over the years. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the surface of our PVC hard pools can be lined with ceramic tiles, mosaics or natural stone. The design of VPS prefabricated pools enables a particularly simple process, with a wide variety of shapes and an optimal “Worfklow” until the pool is installed. This is why many swimming pool retailers like to rely on ready-made pool solutions from VPS. Our production offers significant advantages compared to other construction methods and materials: high quality thanks to VPS prefabricated pools, short construction times, individual pool sizes, short assembly times and a very long service life. Our reference pools are increasingly reaching 50 years old and are still working diligently and unchanged. through VPS ready-made pools, short construction time, etc.

Pre-fabricated pool

VPS - Pre-fabricated pool as a solution
VPS - Pre-fabricated pool as a solution
VPS - Pre-fabricated pool as a solution

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