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For a long time, it has been no longer enough to install a ladder in the pool. Although a ladder still fulfills its purpose, well designed and comfortable staircases are much more in demand. At Vario Pool System, it‘s just a question of creativity, because of course, in addition to a whole portfolio of standard staircases, it‘s also possible to design your own entrance. In some cases, even features such as benches and loungers are integrated. The stairs can be arranged both inside the swimming pool and in a special recess to keep the swimming area free. The steps are slip-resistant and usually equipped with a color-contrasting tread marking. The corresponding approvals for the public sector are of course also available. The design of the stairs for therapy and fitness pools is based on the guidelines for medical baths. Stainless steel stair rails and a salt water basin made of special material, provide the necessary security.


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