Pool Edge Design

Variable Pool Edge Construction.

  • diversity in design
  • solutions according to your wishes

Vario Pool System creates swimming pools both as overflow basins and with skimmers. In the Skimmer version, the pool gets a slightly lower water level. For this reason, among others, the for public pools mandatory “DIN EN 19463 for public baths” offers an overflow channel which gains more and more acceptance even in the private sector. Of course, there are also various options for edge design or trim in skimmer pools, but the variety in the design of an overflow channel is almost inexhaustible. As with all products from VPS, the “Vario” from the company name comes first with the overflow channels: plastic gutters with gutter grates, IKS natural stone gutters, open gutters, gutters with overflow drainage, covered gutters, infinity gutter, deeper Gutter, double gutter, cascade trough and much more.

Pool Edge Design

Custom pools made with passion.

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