Incorporation of Roller Shutters

A Whole Range of Roller Shutters and Tracks.

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Energy efficiency is a big issue in the modern times. This of course also affects the bathing fun at pleasant water temperatures. It is undoubtedly true that the greatest heat loss of a swimming pool is caused by evaporation at the water surface. To minimize this evaporation, the water surface should be covered during rest periods. This is especially true for outdoor pools. There are many different types of swimming pool covers. A good and comfortable option is a cover with an electric roller shutter. The big advantage of this cover is that you can install it in the pool without it being immediately distracting. Vario Pool System has a whole range of roller shutter shafts with built in floor tracks. Whether on the floor or in the wall, in the basin corner or in the center of the pool, the possibilities of installing a disappearing roller shutter shell in a VPS roller shutter box are very diverse. And if an exit slot for the roller shutter is not doable, it is possible to install an automatic bay door.

Incorporation of Shutters

VPS - Incorporation of Roller Shutters
VPS - Incorporation of Roller Shutters
VPS - Incorporation of Roller Shutters

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