VPS® Pool Visu App

An app that visualizes your pool in advance.
Conceivably simple and realistic · for every environment.

Swimming pool retailers, as well as architects and planners, but of course potential customers themselves have been waiting for this app for a long time.

What can the app do? The VPS® Pool Visu application enables users to quickly and easily place their own pool in the desired environment, such as a garden, property or indoor swimming pool. Simply select the pool, determine the color and change the size and orientation. Everything in 3D. In this way you can make sure in advance whether the pool fits into the desired environment.

The VPS® Pool Visu app can now be downloaded from well-known app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The perfect basis for conversation.

The different views and pool types are stored in the photo gallery at the push of a button. With these final pool visualizations, the project and the details can then be discussed perfectly.

The “Augmented Reality” technology and the usability of the app are simple and absolutely user-friendly. Within a very short time and without communication difficulties, the pool is placed in your desired environment using the minimalist menu navigation.

The term augmented reality (AR) refers to the computer-aided supplementation of reality with virtual elements. Our human perception is expanded in real time by images and three-dimensional animations. One has the impression that virtual elements have a fixed place in the real world – regardless of the point of view of the user. So reality and the virtual world mix here.

With this solution, the swimming pool retailer can advise customers even better and give them the feeling that the pool is already “within reach”.

What can the app do?