Transparent Pool Elements

Acrylic Glass Elements with Visibility and Security.

  • acrylic glass panels for the best views and prospects
  • creative and Functional Properties
  • absolutely impermeable

The most diverse solutions with glass panes have been built by Vario Pool System. As always, the customer‘s wish is crucial. From small portholes to complete glass walls, almost all variants are possible with the self-supporting construction of VPS. A special effect is creased when the water flows over the transparent edge. For therapy and adjustable floor basins, a transparent basin also offers functional properties beyond the design element. Glass panes can also be installed in the basin floor. Whether in the floor or on the wall, excellent light images can be produced with a special printing process.The choice of motif, whether coat of arms, logo or any picture is up to the customer. Which material is used for the panes, whether real glass or plastic, is determined by the requirements and design process.

Transparent Pool Elements

Custom pools made with passion.

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